Kaz & Jon, married

Kaz and Jon were married earlier this summer on Cape Cod. The day was relaxed and fun, allowing me plenty of opportunities to explore the nuances and subtler moments. They were married at Our Lady of Hope Chapel, an intimate, seasonal Catholic church. The reception was located the beautiful Cape Cod Museum of Art. Following dinner outdoors, everyone danced and lingered in the museum among some compelling artworks.

Kathryn & Sam, married

I met Kathryn a few years ago, when I photographed her sister Kristen’s wedding. I was honored when she asked me to photograph hers, too. (All of us happen to be Saint Anselm alumni, which was our initial connection.) So for me, this wedding was a bit of a family reunion!

Kathryn got ready at The Vanderbilt in Newport, RI. The Catholic wedding ceremony was held at Salve Regina University’s Our Lady of Mercy Chapel, where it was officiated by Rev. Jonathan DeFelice, OSB, the former president of Saint Anselm. Family and friends enjoyed the rest of the day at The Kinney Bungalow in Narragansett.

The day was truly a wonderful, relaxed, and joyous one for Kathryn and Sam. I was truly grateful to be a part of it.

Nick Farewell, playwright

I've been working as the photographer for theatre kapow since their inception. Now finishing their seventh season, they continue to produce increasingly challenging works of drama, not the least of which derives from complex narratives, stagings, and sets—which, in turn, always places new and interesting artistic demands on my photography.

This season's final production, Uma Vida Imaginária, is no exception. Based on the novel by Nick Farewell, this theatrical premiere employs a non-linear story and extensive on-stage video projection. Both cast and crew were thrilled that Nick was planning to attend the dress rehearsal and opening weekend. Traveling from Brazil on the day of the dress, he had been delayed significantly (increasing his total travel time to 16 hours), but arrived about 45 minutes before it started.

I had wanted to make his portrait, but I knew he was exhausted, so I was hesitant to ask. Fortunately, director Matt Cahoon, knowing my intention, took the initiative, and Nick agreed. I found a spot in the stairwell that had a small remnant of the day's light and then worked quickly, keeping our session to less than two minutes. The production began soon after. It opens tonight and is well worth your time.


Liza is only in high school but has already won some local acclaim as an actress, including for her performance as Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd. She's a wonderful young woman who clearly has great potential on and off stage.

Liza, 2014. Photograph by Matthew Lomanno

portraits from TEDxAmoskeagMillyard 2013: the presenters

Continuing yesterday's post: these presenters (the host, speakers, and artists) excelled in their respective tasks. I didn't want to ask them for a portrait prior to being on stage: some were clearly (and understandably) nervous, so being relaxed and open to a portrait would have been difficult or even impossible. The one exception to this was the host Virginia Prescott: being a host for NHPR, I knew she'd be comfortable on stage; and she'd be occupied all day, so she became one of my first subjects.

I'm grateful to everyone who agreed to sit for me during a full and hectic schedule. The entire experience of the TEDx conference—the people, the presentations, the portraits—made for an unforgettable day.

The full set of portraits is also available on my website.

Virginia Prescott, 2013.

Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.

Victoria Arlen, 2013.

Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.

Aaron Tolson, 2013.

Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.

Dick Anagnost, 2013.

Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.

Dr. Felix Warneken, 2013.

Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.

Elaine Hamel, 2013.

Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.

Sy Montgomery, 2013.

Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.

Heather & Shaunna Murphy, 2013.

Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.

Kusum Ailawadi, 2013.

Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.

Pete Worrell, 2013.

Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.

Meryl Levin, 2013.

Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.

Randolph Langenbach, 2013.

Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.

Dan Habib, 2013.

Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.

Elizabeth Resnick, 2013.

Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.

portraits from TEDxAmoskeagMillyard 2013: the team

When I photographed the 2013 TEDxAmoskeagMillyard conference, I had realized the night prior what a wonderful opportunity I had to create portraits of the volunteer speakers, performers, and organizers. So decided at the last minute to bring a small portable studio to the event, find a few square feet of space, and work like mad to cover the event and to spend just a few precious minutes tracking down each of them, explaining the idea, and making a few frames.

Here are some of superb teamwho worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the day was seamless. Tomorrow I'll post the presenters.

Roseangela McCann, 2013.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.
Bob Batcheler, 2013.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.
Kira Morehouse, 2013.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.
Kristian Gustafson, 2013.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.
Jillian Adams, 2013.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.
Harry Umen, 2013.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.
Gabbi Hall, 2013.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.

Eric Ratinoff, 2013.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.


Shakespeare's "Macbeth" by theatre kapow

As if Shakespeare weren't difficult enough to perform, theatre kapow has throw down the gauntlet (or perhaps the dagger?): their current production of Macbeth employs only three actors. Of course, this trio, along with minimal yet multi-functional sets and costumes, are more than capable to handle the dramatic tasks.

The performance schedule, which includes one on Halloween at midnight, is intense and tight. Do not hesitate.

Keith Sarasin

Keith and I met professionally through his organization, The Farmers Dinner, which connects local farmers, restaurants, and the public in an evening of great food, education, and community. I've created many of the photographs (both of the events and the food) seen on their media platforms, but he and I never really had the opportunity to sit and chat (the events are always hectic).

But we finally did meet—and we discovered many shared ideas, struggles, and hopes. He has an endearing and open personality, and sitting with him instantly became an opening and intimate experience. Here's to Keith's continued professional success as a farm advocate and—more importantly—personal thriving as a friend.

Keith Sarasin, 2014.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno

portraits from theatre kapow's 24-Hour Play Festival

I've worked as a photographer with theatre kapow since their inception, and their efforts to create an authentic and unique dramatic experience is nothing short of inspiring. A few years ago, they began a 24-Hour Play Festival, which produces about five original short plays--from writing to performance--in a day. The experience is both absolutely taxing and thrilling for everyone involved.

Two years ago, I photographed the dress rehearsals, but I wanted something more. I decided to set up a small portrait studio (single softbox on a grey backdrop) in the wings of the stage, and when the cast and director finished their allotted 30-minute final rehearsal on stage, each graciously sat for a brief portrait. I've posted only a portion here; the full set can be seen on my website.

The 2014 24-Hour Play Festival starts tonight and will be performed tomorrow evening.

Aaron Compagna, 2012.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno

Olivia Dodd, 2012.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno

Justin Voshell, 2012.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno

Emily Sarah, 2012.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno

Karen Oster, 2012.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno

Kelly Litt, 2012.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno

Anthony Febo, 2012.Photograph by Matthew Lomanno

Kathryn & Sam, engaged

I've known Kathryn for a few years, after I met her (and Sam) at her sister's wedding. When she and Sam became engaged earlier this year, they called to book me. We made these engagement portrait (and some others) a few months ago. Everyone is excited for their wedding next year, and I'm honored to be making photographs for their families again.

Dan Burke

Dan Burke, May 2014.
I met Dan Burke after photographing the College of Saint Mary Magdalen's graduation in May. He gave the commencement speech, and I had the good fortune of dining with him and a few others from the college afterwards. In addition to his work as Executive Director of the National Catholic Register and founder of the Avila Institute, he is an author and speaker on Catholic spirituality.

I asked to make his portrait, and we found a quiet space in the office of the president (who's also a good friend). We spent more time discussing art, aesthetics, and films than photographing, but we fit in a few portraits.

Chris Gosey, iconographer

Chris Gosey. 2008.
I've been reviewing the entirety of my work in preparation for a new website. This task is daunting, to say the least. Chris Gosey, a New Hampshire iconographer, was one of my first assignments for Parable Magazine. We had spent a few hours together in his home studio, which also had a small altar for prayer. I had never given a second look at this photograph before now, but it caught my attention this time--six years later, a pleasant surprise.