Liza is only in high school but has already won some local acclaim as an actress, including for her performance as Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd. She's a wonderful young woman who clearly has great potential on and off stage.

Liza, 2014. Photograph by Matthew Lomanno

portraits from theatre kapow's 24-Hour Play Festival

I've worked as a photographer with theatre kapow since their inception, and their efforts to create an authentic and unique dramatic experience is nothing short of inspiring. A few years ago, they began a 24-Hour Play Festival, which produces about five original short plays--from writing to performance--in a day. The experience is both absolutely taxing and thrilling for everyone involved.

Two years ago, I photographed the dress rehearsals, but I wanted something more. I decided to set up a small portrait studio (single softbox on a grey backdrop) in the wings of the stage, and when the cast and director finished their allotted 30-minute final rehearsal on stage, each graciously sat for a brief portrait. I've posted only a portion here; the full set can be seen on my website.

The 2014 24-Hour Play Festival starts tonight and will be performed tomorrow evening.

Aaron Compagna, 2012.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno

Olivia Dodd, 2012.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno

Justin Voshell, 2012.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno

Emily Sarah, 2012.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno

Karen Oster, 2012.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno

Kelly Litt, 2012.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno

Anthony Febo, 2012.Photograph by Matthew Lomanno