the Hitchcock family

I've known parents Elizabeth and Jeremy Hitchcock for a few years, and I met their three children when I photographed them last year. Returning to them this year meant I already knew the kids and their personalities. Better yet: they live across the street from a large park, so after some indoor portraits, we ventured out for more on a bright fall morning. 

I knew the session was a success when the littlest one, Benji, invited me back to the house for hot cocoa. What else could be better?


Littles and Bigs

On an early December morning, I photographed a fundraising event for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Manchester. Part of my task was to create portraits of the Littles (in their lingo) with his or her respective Big. Given the hundreds of supporters waiting in the next room, our time was limited, but I hope the portraits reflect the ease and comfort of these special relationships.


When I had some time available in the studio, I called Carey to ask if she'd be interested in bringing her daughter, Emma. They brought some clothes, and we had a very relaxed and fun session, with Emma becoming more comfortable as it progressed. We ended with a few of mom and daughter, and then mom solo.

Liam & fam

Liam's parents, Jill and Dan, are old friends. Jill and I graduated from high school in the same year, and we occasionally traveled together to visit our future spouses, both of whom attended UNH. All of us recently reconnected, and I was very happy to make some family photos for them. Liam was fairly cooperative, although he was fed up with being bothered by the end--par for the course with a newborn.

Aidan and Owen

Their mom, Chrissy, and I were almost co-workers, but she left about the time I started. She still visits a few times a year, so we've come to know each other a bit. I happened to have my full kit with me when she visited over the summer, so I offered to have a mini-session. Aidan was a great subject and was excited by everything, while Owen was content with just being... anywhere.

Cahoon family

Explaining how I know this family would take too long, but suffice to say I know quite a few of them very well. They asked me to make some family photos, and we all met to photograph each family, the children, and all the cousins together. Here are some favorites.