TEDxAmoskeagMillyard: Mindset

I was grateful to have been the official photographer for last year's TEDxAmoskeagMillyard conference. The presenters and performers were informative, entertaining, and especially inspiring. In anticipation for this year's conference, my results are just being released. I've included a few favorites here; a full set will be on their site.

In the coming days, I'll be posting other work from that day—but more on that then.

The videographer silhouetted against the 2013 conference sign.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.
The Executive Committee of TEDxAmoskeagMillyard 2013.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.
Eric Ratinoff, Executive Team Lead, TEDxAmoskeagMillyard. 2013.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.
Virginia Prescott, Host of TEDxAmoskeagMillyard 2013.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.
Felix Warneken, psychology professor, Harvard University. TEDxAmoskeagMillyard, 2013.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.
Victoria Arlen, Paralympic Gold medalist. TEDxAmoskeagMillyard 2013.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.
Aaron Tolson, Tap Jedi. TEDxAmoskeagMillyard 2013.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.
Kusum Ailawadi, marketing professor, Dartmouth College. TEDxAmoskeagMillyard 2013.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.
Peter Worrell, entrepreneur and author. TEDxAmoskeagMillyard 2013.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.
Randolph Langenbach, architect and conservationist.
TEDxAmoskeagMillyard 2013.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.
Dan Habib, Filmmaker. TEDxAmoskeagMillyard 2013.
Photograph by Matthew Lomanno.

theatre kapow: reception portraits

I've been very grateful for my continued relationship with theatre kapow, a NH-based theatre company who just completed their second season.  I was editing some work for them and found these from a post-show reception of Alone, which was adapted from Poe's works for the stage by Brian Kennedy (first photo).  Nearly the entire ensemble is shown below.  (The baby wasn't in the show--that's Anna, who wasn't yet 2 months old at the time, being held by tkapow's Carey Cahoon.)

a party

I've never been an outgoing person.  Even as a young child, I remember observing others rather than doing whatever myself (it wasn't as pathetic as it sounds--at least I don't think).  This isn't a trait I've fought, and so it continues today.  Now, though, I have a camera in my hands, so when my friend and fellow photographer Tanya hosted a small party recently, I made a series of photographs.

Of course, a smaller camera helps, too. While I use an SLR for my professional work, carrying one around for everyday use (and especially going anywhere with my children) was becoming too difficult.  So last fall I invested in an Epson RD-1, which is a digital rangefinder (manual focus and exposure), and it hasn't left my side since.  It's quite inconspicuous, allowing me to make photographs quickly and unobtrusively.

dj cheeks

A recent wedding reception was held at Scullers--one of my favorite places in Boston. I've heard some great performances there (most notably the late Joe Williams, where we had front row seats--right behind his pianist Norman Simmons). This was my first opportunity to photograph there, so while dinner was being served, I spent some time observing and photographing DJ Cheeks and his assistant. I'm very pleased with the results. (More from the wedding soon.)

Chapel Art luncheon

The Chapel Art Center holds an annual luncheon to thank donors and provide an opportunity for visiting and viewing some wonderful work. It's a great environment for photography. Some notables: the first photo is of the director, Iain MacLellan, O.S.B., looking over his notes prior to the guests arriving. The final photo is of Sylvia Nicolas, a world-renowned sculptor and stained-glass artist who has a special relationship with the Center.

golf outing

Saint Anselm College held its annual golf tournament (to raise money for scholarships) at the Portsmouth Country Club. By some miracle, the rain ceased just prior to tee off, and I was able to zip around the course (on a roofless cart) and make just about whatever photographs I wanted. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Wedding Planning Weekend at The Brass Heart Inn

I was invited to be the sole photographer at this event hosted by The Brass Heart Inn last weekend. A few others vendors and I were at the Inn all day, meeting and chatting with couples and each other. It was a great event: we were treated to some wonderful food, not even considering the bakers who brought their wares. I was very glad to have met Linda and Rebecca from Linda's Flowers and Gifts in Wolfeboro, as well as videographer Meg Simone from Intervale.

Here are a few photographs I made throughout the day; more to come soon.

candid portraits

Jen and Dave's wedding was a mini-reunion for many of us, which gave many of the photo opportunities a special character. It also happened that some extra time at the beginning of the reception and relatively good light allowed me to catch some unguarded moments via a long lens.