casting a ballot

As on most occasions, I brought my camera with me when my wife and I went to the polling station (a local school). I didn't set out to create a small project, and I didn't really spend any more time photographing than I would have if I had only voted; but, within the 17 minutes between the first and last photographs, I had inadvertently made a photo essay.

Presented here chronologically:

photographing in the kitchen

I've been photographing for The Farmers Dinner for a couple years. Initially, the focus was the food and the event, but over the past year, Keith (founder and chef) & I have moved away from the latter, replacing it with the work in the kitchen.

I have a keen interest in the process of art-making: the recording studio, the painter's studio--and the kitchen. Unlike many arts, the work of the restaurant kitchen is collaborative, bringing together many individuals.  This brings a certain ordered chaos to the kitchen; combined with cramped quarters, hot stoves, incoming waitstaff--all while not interfering with food production--it makes creating documentary photographs in that environment a delicate practice.

The photos below were made during a pop-up dinner at Riverwalk Cafe & Music Bar. Keith had asked me to photograph the food, but I couldn't help wandering around the kitchen in between courses.